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Poor systems and processes are a common reason for business failure. We have considerable experience of reviewing business processes and systems of controls to ensure that they are robust and appropriate to your needs. We will identify your business risks and analyse their impact. We estimate your potential loss, where possible, and suggest steps you can take to rectify the weaknesses identified.
Business today face many risks, some may strike out of the blue and could not have be foreseen whilst many could have been predicted with the right access information and advice. Whatever the causes the effect can be serious that can divert valuable management time,  increase costs and in worse case lead to business failure. It is therefore well worth ensuring that your business is not exposed to unnecessary risks form day to day operations and that there adequate business process in place to identify future risks and manage them.  
Employment issues
Shortage of cash
Contract disputes
Business interruption
Uninsured loss
Economic downturn
Few customers/suppliers
Health and safety
Over time as businesses develop and change, the processes and methods by which the businesses are run need to be evaluated to ensure that they are relevant and efficient for the new environment.  Often when updating accounting systems it is advisable to review the working practices and where necessary update those to the best current standards and align them with the functionality of the software being used. This will avoid costly bespoking of off the shelf software and greatly speed up the implementation of your accounting system.  We have experience of carrying out business process reviews and will be able to advise you in this area.