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We supply and install popular accounting packages.
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We will spend time with you to understand your business and your strategic corporate goals and then help you to achieve your aims through the development and implementation of efficient business processes and technology.  Once we have developed the appropriate solutions in partnership with you we can implement them and also provide training for your staff if required. In doing this we will source the most appropriate suppliers to implement the various stages of the project.  If required we are able to project manage the various stages from inception to full implementation.
Computers have become an essential part of all businesses and therefore it is necessary to have your valuable data security stored, backed up and contingency plans in place to cope with system failures or destruction. It is also critical to have in place adequate security to prevent hackers, unauthorised persons and computer viruses from accessing your data or systems. As more business is done over the Internet and over wireless networks it is becoming easier to hack into unprotected systems. However, there are of way of protecting your business and greatly reducing the risks in a very cost effective way.

Contact us to discuss your requirements or to review your current procedures and systems and identify any vulnerability and suggest remedial actions or improvements.
As cost of computer hardware continues to fall and services such as Broadband becomes cheaper, it becoming easier to increase profits through productivity gains and compete more effectively. Faster, reliable and secure WiFi networks and has created opportunities to benefit from networking for small businesses that previously was not an option. We are happy to discuss with our clients a range of ways in which the current low cost technology can be used to save money for their businesses and improve efficiency.