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At times during the life of a business important decisions have to be taken. If the financial implications of such decisions are not fully understood then the business can suffer a serious financial loss. We can help you make the right decisions for your business. The examples given below are just some of the  major decisions you may need to make and where we can help.
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Investment of capital in a business needs to be carefully considered to ensure that the investment produces the expected returns and is funded in the most appropriate way.  We employ a number of techniques to evaluate capital investment and we can advise you of the risks involved and the profits which need to be generated in order to make the investment viable.  We will discuss with you the critical components of your business that will determine success of the venture and prepare an action plan for implementation and the mitigation of risks.
For major capital expenditure the decision of whether to buy outright or to lease an asset can be complex. We can identify the implications of each decisions and discuss the financial ramifications with you.
Before entering into major contracts or business relationships it is advisable to carry out a check of the financial strength and standing of your supplier or partner. We can carry out credit checks and other financial analysis and report back to you with our findings and recommendations.  
As businesses grow there comes a time when new premises must be sought before any further increase in business can take place.  We can help you identify this time and evaluate the changes that need to be made.
IT expenditure can be a major aid to productivity & profits. But it can often be wasted unless evaluated correctly. Read more.....