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Often the first time many businesses learn that their customer has failed is when they receive the legal documents form a Insolvency Practitioner (IP). Many will be unclear about what to do and with limited timescale to respond may take the wrong or incorrect action thereby weakening their position.  We will advise you on the nature of the insolvency your customer is entering into and what you should do with the documents. If instructed we will  l complete the documents and ensure their timely submission. If required we can also represent you at all types of formal and informal creditors meetings and liaise with other creditors and the IP. This will improve your chances getting a better dividend, ensuring that all relevant facts are revealed and that you can keep an eye on the work of the IP.   
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A bad debt is never a good experience but it can be devastating to a small business who is left with a large unpaid bill. It is therefore essential that businesses are constantly vigilant for the signs that customer may be having financial problems. The most common signs that something is afoot is when one or more of signs listed below happens when you try to collect unpaid overdue bills. Go with your gut feel and weigh up all the circumstances and look for changes in behaviour patterns.
Is your customer:
not returning your calls or letters
refusing to speak to you
being evasive, feeling uncomfortable or aggressive when you ask for for payment  
always in a meeting or otherwise unavailable
often raising late queries or asking for invoices/statements  
saying that the cheque is in the post but it never arrives
Statistically the chances of getting a significant dividend is  small due to a combination of factors. Your best protection is to take steps to minimise your  risks in this area.
You can minimise the chances of incurring bad debts by taking a few sensible steps. Consider using one or more of the following methods :
Instituting tight credit control and stick to it;
 Avoiding a high concentration of debt with a single customer;
Take a deposit or stage payments;
Consider credit insurance;
Put a late interest payment term in your contact;
Avoid chasing business from people who are bad payers;
Consider using the small court claim court.