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Small businesses have great expertise in their chosen field of operation.  However it is not usually cost effective or necessary to have a high level of financial or computer expertise in house. This is where we can help by offering our clients commercially orientated financial and management advice. This is like having your own Finance Director on call.  Our aim is to help you build your business successfully and profitably. We can support you with the following general business advice.
Management information
One of the keys to business success is to be able to understand how the business is performing from a financial standpoint at all times.  For this reason it is important to have regular management accounts which explain, amongst other things, how your profits are being generated, what your costs are and what your cash position is. We will be able to provide you with regular management information which will enable you to keep a financial track of your business.
The following are examples of what information this might contain:
Profit and loss account to date and forecast for the year
Variance analysis against budget/forecasts
Cash position and forecast
Aged debtor analysis
Creditors analysis
Key performance indicators
Action plans for for achieving the budget/forecast

We will discuss the figures with you and discuss their implications for your business.
By understanding and monitoring the keys indicators that determines the success of your business you can keep your finger on pulse with the minimum of effort.
Sources of Finance
We can advise you on the various sources of finance and help with submissions and negotiations with lenders.
Budgets and Forecasts
We can work with you to produce realistic budgets and forecasts for your business which can then be used for checking against actual results as the year progresses. This will enable you to see if your targets are being met.
Financial Decisions
We help you to evaluate the implications of  financial decisions. Read more…..
Business Risk
Are you sure of your controls and risk management processes? Read more…..